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Feb 6 , 2016
RNC Confirm They Have Received Complaint about Exit Realty on the Rock
Officials have been unable to detail what led to the investigation and licence suspension, and RNC say it's far too early in their investigation to provide any further comment at this time.
Harbour Grace RCMP Charge Former Town Employee with Theft
47-year-old Lisa Carroll was hired as the town's Chief Administrative Officer in 2014.
Reformed Drug Smuggler Says It's Time to Legalize Marijuana
Brian O'Dea says it's time for the federal government to legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana.
St. John's Businesses 'Taxed to Death:' Consensus at Business Group Gathering
Business owners have been up in arms since the 2016 budget was brought down just before Christmas. Higher property assessments mean many businesses are being forced to shoulder a 20 per cent increase in taxes.
51-Year-Old Struck by Car on Columbus Drive
A 51-year-old man was struck by a car last night while trying to cross Columbus Drive at Mundy Pond Road.
PETA and Sia Release Gruesome Video Condemning Seal Hunt
A gruesome new video is being circulated on social media targeting the seal hunt.
Woman Gets Car Stuck in Snowbank, Charged with Drunk Driving
A Corner Brook woman had a really bad night.
'Unlikely' Muskrat Falls Will Be Halted: Coady
Coady was responding to recent comments from former premier Roger Grimes who suggested under the current fiscal situation, that now might be the time to pull the plug on the multi-billion dollar project.
Boy Who Nearly Died From Asthma Attack Named This Year's Janeway Champion Child
Two years ago, at the age of eight, Matthew Verge suffered a severe asthma attack. He collapsed, and turned blue and had to medevaced to the Janeway in St. John's.
Preliminary Inquiry Begins for Man Who Dragged Police Officer Behind Car
The preliminary inquiry for a man who police say assaulted one of their own concluded this morning at provincial court.

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