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Nov 30 , 2015
Will There Be a Lucky Number 13?
The polls are officially open for Provincial Election 2015. Today we're taking a look back at all the Premiers who have led the province since 1949.
Cold Day for an Election
Election forecasts are out and the temperatures are sub-zero. All three leaders were bundled up on the campaign trail over the weekend.
What You Need to Know to Cast Your Vote
Here's what you need to know to cast your ballot in today's provincial election.
Galatea Runs Aground Near Little Bay Islands
The ferry was able to make it back to the dock.
Vandals Spray Painting Cars in Corner Brook
So far six vehicles are known to have been vandalized in such a manner between Friday night and Saturday night.
Police Crack Down on Donuts in Parking Lot
Three people hamming it up on a parking lot in Corner Brook by doing stunts in their vehicles have been charged by the RNC.
Anger Online After 'Dog for Sale' Tied Up in Carbonear for Hours
Fogo, a medium-sized animal, was outside near the museum on Water Street for several hours according to reports.
Spaniard's Bay Heats Up Over Fire Department Dispute
There's a major difference of opinion between the fire chief in Spaniards Bay and some members of council which almost led to his suspension.
Thousands Pack Downtown for Santa Claus Parade
Tens of thousands of people lined the streets for the Downtown St. John's Santa Claus Parade yesterday under near ideal conditions as the Man in the Red Suit belted out a hearty "Ho, Ho, Ho" for two hours.
Students Cast Their 'Vote' to Lean about Electoral Process
Students in elementary and high schools across the province will hold their own election vote today.
Great Weekend for IceCaps
Five out of a possible six points.
Provincial Sports Page
Hockey, basketball
Sunday's Scores/Monday's Schedule
Eskimos win Grey Cup
Nov 29 , 2015
RNC Looking for Man Accused in Two Armed Robberies
26-year-old Christopher Payne is accused of robbing the Circle K Irving on Frecker Drive in St. John's just before 7:00 Thursday morning.
20 Armed Robberies in Metro Area this Month
The RNC has seen a spike this month where such incidents are averaging almost one a day, which is unusual.
Car Runs into Ditch in Torbay
An elderly woman was slightly injured after losing control of her vehicle.
Corner Brook Releases Responses from Liberals and PCs on Regional Issues
The city says the NDP was unable to provide an official response, but committed to meeting with council after the election to discuss the issues raised.
Rally and March for Action on Climate Change in St. John's
The demonstration was timed to precede the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is speaking for Canada.
United Way Stocking Campaign Gathers Necessities for those in Need
This year's campaign has seen over 2,200 requests for stockings from communities all across the province.
Flu Shots Protect Those Most Vulnerable: Immunize Canada
The group says while for many, the flu causes just a few days of fever, aches and pains, for others, it can be life-threatening.
Future of Harbour Grace Landmark Uncertain
There are some real concerns that an important part of the town of Harbour Grace's historic character could be lost for good.
Number of School-age Children Down, Spending Up: Fraser Institute
Despite this, the province still ranks in the lower echelons across the country when it comes to key skills, and Canada, as a whole, is not faring well on a global scale.
Applications Invited for Dancer-in-Residence Program
The Dancer-in-Residence is open to dance scholars and emerging and established dancers in any genre whose work demonstrates a high level of artistic achievement.
IceCaps Win Big, No OT
Play again this afternoon.
Provincial Sports Page
Lots of hockey action

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