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Oct 22 , 2014
Nation Mourns Soldier, Parliament Hill Shooter Identified
The man who shot and killed 24-year old Corporal Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton, Ontario, has been identified.
Two Sent to Hospital after Fire
Two people have been sent to hospital following a house fire on Watson Crescent, in the east end of St. John's.
Man Pleads Guilty to Stabbing in St. John's
A 21-year-old man has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a George Street stabbing incident in April.
Focus Shifts to Lyndon Butler at Trial
Billy Power says he didn't know Nick Winsor or Lyndon Butler at the time. He says after Winsor's murder, his stepdaughter showed him photos of Butler from Facebook.
RNCA Defends Controversial Recruitment Video
The video, meant to attract young recruits to the force, shows officers in riot gear with semi-automatic weapons, hunting down criminals.
Ignoring Pension Problems Has Cost Province Billions: Coffin
Instead of being billions of dollars in the hole as the greatest debt problem facing the provincial government, the Public Sector Pension Plan would be $13 billion in the black today had the unfunded liabilities been addressed in 1984.
Accused Home Invader to Remain in Custody
The 25-year-old man accused in a series of frightening home invasions will remain in custody while lawyers sort through new disclosure related to his case.
Christmas Toys Stolen from Salvation Army in CBS
Sometime early Monday morning, a storage shed on the Salvation Army property in CBS was broken into and toys stored there were taken.
Family of Injured RCMP Officer Thanks Public for Support
Keith Bennett is in intensive care in Regina with broken bones and internal injuries. His family originally from North West River, says they are hoping to have him home soon.
No Change to New 911 System: Government
Liberal Critic Eddie Joyce claims the system has been downgraded, accusing government of creating the illusion that callers would reach a dispatcher when in reality calls will be relayed.
Heavenly Creatures President Contemplates Libel Suit
President Jessica Rendell says she's being attacked online with claims that are hurting the reputation of the organization.
Nurses Approve of Upgraded Ebola Plan
Health Department officials have outlined stricter protocols and procedures in the event a patient presents with Ebola-like symptoms.
Customer Critical of Canada Post Survey
Canada Post says according to the survey, people seem to prefer smaller community mailboxes close to home over larger facilities farther away.
Doctors not Surprised by St. John's Obesity Stats
Dr. Catherine Donovan says a number of issues are responsible for the ranking, including diet and a more sedentary lifestyle.
Not Much Change at the Pumps this Week
The Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices is predicting gas to drop by less than a cent a litre.
Fire Damages Melrose Community Centre
RCMP say there was nothing suspicious about the blaze and it appears to have been electrical in nature.
A (Washed) Hands-On Approach For Infection Control Week
Health Minister Steve Kent says infection prevention and control programs are an important part of the health care system.
IceCaps Win First Home Game
Playing Binghamton again tonight.
Provincial Sports Page
Royals senior hockey passes available.
Tuesday's Scores/Wednesday's Schedule
Giants take game one of World Series.
Oct 21 , 2014
Billy Power Testifies at Murder Trial
Billy Power owns the garage where Nick Winsor was killed on July 9, 2011, and he is the man Pynn and Butler are accused of attempting to rob and kill that night.
Men Accused in HMP Riot Appear in Court
The violent incident took place June 3rd in one of the penitentiary's living units. Police say it caused significant damage to the area.
Emergency Landing at St. John's Airport
The C-130 made the landing at 3 p.m., after identifying a problem with one of its four engines.
Trial Continues in Drunk Driving Accident
Frank Lawlor is charged with operating a vehicle while impaired, failure to stop at the scene of an accident, and refusing the breathalyzer.
Province Provides Update on Ebola Preparedness
Health Minister Steve Kent says a full simulation will take place next week.

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