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Mar 27 , 2015
Local Stores Open, But Ricki's, Bootlegger, and Cleo Closing Stores Across Country
While owner Comark may be set to close stores across the country, local Ricki's, Bootlegger, and Cleo stores are open for business.
New Bike Helmet Legislation Coming in Effect April 1
Minister Dan Crummell says there has been a lot of research on bicycle related head injuries, and government has talked to experts on the best way to prevent them.
Quebec Innu Group Wants MHA to Retract Statements on Muskrat Falls Hiring
The Pakua Shipi Innu say the statement is false, and discriminates against them based on the province of residence.
Mother Devastated by Son's Suicide at Waterford Hospital
Kerry Murray was placed in the Waterford Hospital for treatment after showing signs of self-harm at Her Majesty's Penitentiary.
Local Musician Pens 'Pizza Skeet' in Response to Pizzeria Theft Video
Paul Brace says he was inspired by the Twitter hashtag #Pizzaskeet, and was up until the wee hours this morning writing and recording the song.
Social Media Helping Pizzeria Identify Thieves
Fabian Power, owner of Old Town Pizzeria, says he's passed the information on to the RNC.
NL Hydro Warns about High Snow Banks Close to Power Lines
Heavy snow accumulations in many parts of the province this year has prompted a warning from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.
Benoit's Cove Residents Want to Bring Attention to 'Improper Involvement' of Officer
A committee is urging residents to contact the media and officials if they have any concerns about, what they call, the improper involvement of Sergeant Tim Buckle and the other RNC officers in the Sean Kelly case and investigation.
Last Day for Ballots in NAPE Election
The last mail-in ballots to be counted will be those received by Monday morning. People cannot drop off their ballots at NAPE headquarters.
Province Drafting Patient Safety Legislation
It would make law some already practised procedures within Health Authorities and complete the implementation of a couple of outstanding recommendations of the Cameron Inquiry.
Corner Brook Man Charged with Assault with a Knife
The alleged victim, another man, was not injured. Both the accused and the victim are known to each other.
Two Accused of Insurance Fraud Expected to Plead Guilty
David Rypkema and Glenn Hussey have set dates to plead guilty and be sentenced in May.
Grandmother Arrested Driving Without License, Insurance, and $9,200 in Fines
Acting on a tip that the woman was driving without a license and insurance, the RNC tracked the driver down at about 2:15 p.m.
Downed Wires Knock Out Power for Four Communities
The power went off last night in Bellevue, Thornlea, Fair Haven, and Chance Cove, and didn't come on again until 5:00 this morning.
MUN Dining Hall Passes Safety Inspection After Record of Problems
While a February inspection found equipment 20 degrees below the required 60 and identified cleaniness issues, this week kitchen passed a provincial food safety inspection after receiving complaints.
All Food Inspection Reports Should Be Public: Lane
Liberal MHA Paul Lane says a double standard exists with the public release of food inspections of commercial restaurants, while those for public institutions are not.
Educator and Climber Collecting Dreams at Schools Around Province
TA Loeffler is also an experienced climber, and plans to collect dreams from 5,959 people, to match the 5,959 metres she'll be climbing on Mount Logan.
Nalcor Projected to be Self-Sufficient by 2017: Martin
Based on current production forecasts, and assuming a $50 US oil price, CEO Ed Martin says Nalcor's Oil and Gas division will likely be fully self-sufficient in its investments in just two years' time.
Flag Raising for Holy Week Recognizes 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Christians
For the second year in a row the St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Network Church will be raising a Christian flag over the cities of St. John's and Mount Pearl for Holy Week.
'Operation Turbulence' Busts Drug Ring, Nets Over $600,000 in Drugs
A team of 30 undercover police officers has busted eight people from the St. John's area to Labrador West and into Quebec after a 12-month covert investigation labelled "Operation Turbulence."
Pollard's Point Man Airlifted to Hospital After Snowmobile Accident
A 59 year old Pollard's Point man is in hospital in St. John's being treated for a significant leg injury following an accident in the Northern Peninsula community involving a snowmobile Wednesday afternoon.
Missing Corner Brook Man Found Safe
28-year-old Corner Brook resident, Julian Bennett was reported missing late last night.
Mar 26 , 2015
Local Pizzeria Posts Robbery Video on YouTube
Fabian Power owns Old Town Pizzeria on Portugal Cove Road in St. John's.
News Article has Video
Six Months in Jail for Winterland Man Convicted of Animal Neglect
Tony Barrett was charged with failing to provide the animals on his Winterland farm with the care needed.
RCMP Arrest Wanted Man in Ontario
Shawn Clarence Keefe, formerly of Botwood, was arrested in Ontario on a Canada-Wide warrant.
Deadliest Snowmobile Season in Recent Years
Terry Croucher is a snowmobile instructor with the Canada Safety Council in Springdale. He says every year sees numerous serious accidents and a handful of fatalities involving snowmobiles, but this year has been particularly bad.
Sudden Death During Snowmobile Outing in Carbonear
RCMP confirm a 55-year-old Carbonear man died while on a snowmobile outing with friends yesterday afternoon.
Reveen Family Makes Special Gift to St. John's Arts and Culture Centre
The man they call Reveen had a global 53-year-career and his final show was performed here, on the main stage of the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's in 2008.
Nalcor Says Hiring Protocol Has Nothing to Do with Innu Protest
Dozens of the Pakua Shipi Innu from the Quebec North Shore demonstrated early this month, claiming they were not fairly consulted by Nalcor about construction of the line which they say passes through their traditional land.
Mid-Afternoon Drunk Driver Three Times Legal Limit
The man blew three times the legal limit.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency to Test Slug Found in Milk
Wanita Bates found what she believes to be a slug in a carton of Almond Breeze.
Heavy Snow Crushes Building in King's Point
The large structure was being used to house vehicles and boats.
Gas Up a Cent, Other Fuel Dropping
The maximum price of gas is up a cent a litre this morning, but all other fuel prices are down: diesel by two cents, furnace oil and stove oil both by just over a cent a litre.
Nurses Taking Blood will Improve Wait Times: Kent
It's a change the NDP says will increase the workload of already overworked nurses.
Province Looking for Federal Compensation for Possible Ice Delay in Fishery
Similar programs branching the time between when employment insurance runs out and the start of the fishing season were offered in 2001 and 1991. The Coast Guard has said conditions are among the worst in 30 years.
Nunatsiavut Celebrates 40 Years Since Labrador Inuit Association Incorporation
The LIA transitioned into the Nunatsiavut Government in 2005 following the ratification of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.
Cold Weather Brings Issues with Electric Cars in Calgary
Calgary has been operating two electric cars for the last few years. While it has been a mainly positive experience, Kevin Ertmoed, the Manager of Fleet Services with that city says when it's cold, they have problems.
Warming Temps Mean More Potholes
Transportation and Works crews are making temporary repairs to highway potholes until more permanent fixes can be made.
Milley Pleads Guilty to Murder of Bernice Rich
Gordon Milley has pleaded guilty in Supreme Court at Happy Valley-Goose Bay to choking and killing 21-year-old Bernice Rich in June of 2013.
Local Film Needs Local Support to Win CineCoup Film Prize
Director and Star Micah Martin says their film 'John Goes to the Olympics' is currently ranked number 5 out of 75 movies vying for a million dollar prize.
Pirates Lay a Licking on the IceCaps
Idle until Friday night when they have another shot at Portland.
Wednesday's Scores/Thursday's Schedule
Ottawa, Boston both playing tonight.
Mar 25 , 2015
NL Residents Among Least Engaged in Politics: Study
Half of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians report some form of contact by a federal political party or politician in the last year - the lowest in Canada.
Concerns about Nurses' Workloads with Added Blood Collection Duty
A change at St. Clare's, which will see RNs take a patient's blood, has NAPE and the NDP concerned about how the change will impact workloads.
Slug Discovered in Carton of Almond Milk
A St. John's woman discovered an unwanted visitor in her almond milk this week: a slimy, slithering, decapitated creature, she believes to have been a slug.
PC Minister Denies Considering Run for Federal Liberals
PC Cabinet Minister Darin King told VOCM News he has not met with the federal Liberal Party, or any party with a view to seeking a nomination for the upcoming federal election.
Three Inmates in HMP Assault Headed for Trial
Wayne Murray, Brian Grech, and James Glasco are accused of attacking another prisoner with a broken broom stick.
Work Being Done on Cashin Avenue Extension
Huge frost heaves and potholes developed on the road earlier this winter.
Resilience of Women Theme of New Lady Cove Endeavour
No Matter What, which will be performed by Lady Cove Women's Choir next month, represents a first in Newfoundland choral music history: a piece of choral theatre about the struggles of Newfoundland women throughout history.
Student Hit By School Bus Recovering
The English School District says the 6 year old apparently slipped and ended up under the wheels of a school bus in the parking lot of Mary Queen of the World yesterday.

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