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May 27 , 2015
Investigation Results from Dunphy Shooting Delayed by Months
The family of Don Dunphy will have to wait several more months before they get a final report on the Easter Sunday shooting that claimed his life.
Car Overturned on TCH
Car on its side near Brigus Junction
Man Wanted on 17 Charges in Edmonton Arrested in St. John's
Alberta police reached out to the RNC this week and as a result, officers arrested a 50-year-old man just after 1:30 yesterday afternoon.
Pair Arrested on Mount Pearl Assault Charges
An RNC investigation into an incident that happened in Mount Pearl around 11:00 Monday night led to the arrest of two men yesterday.
RNC Investigating Two Incidents Involving Corvettes
The RNC say a grey Corvette, involved in an accident at Fieldian Gardens in St. John's early yesterday morning has been reported stolen.
Vale, RCMP Determine Long Harbour Threat to be Harmless
Manager of Corporate Relations at Vale, Bob Carter, says a contractor at the site found a message scrawled on a bathroom stall and alerted officials.
Gas Predicted to Go Up Just Under Two Cents
The consumer group for fair gas prices says the price of fuel is going to jump by 1.7 cents a litre, while diesel will be unchanged and other fuels will go up about a tenth of a cent.
Fisheries Fund is Gone, but CETA Moves Forward with NL Support
The province has been in a long battle with Ottawa over the deal dating back to 2013 when an agreement was signed to give up MPRs in exchange of a joint $400-million fisheries fund.
Green Rock Wins National Award for Selling Electric Vehicles
The Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards handed out three honours, including the Dealership Inspiration Award to Green Rock E.V.S.
A Very Happy Birthday for $2M Lottery Winner
Sobeys on Ropewalk Lane sold the winning ticket.
Axtionator 360 Province's First Indoor Amusement Ride
A new ride for kids and adults alike is making making waves at Axtion Climb in Mount Pearl.
Announcement on Harbour Grace Sports Complex Today
Three contractors had bid for the new stadium, and though one was selected earlier this year, the name of the company has not been formally released.
May 26 , 2015
RCMP Officers Shave for the Brave
"B" Division Commanding Officer Tracey Harding was first to face the razor.
RNC Nab Driver Impaired Over 3 Times Legal Limit
It is not a record when compared to recent drunk driving busts but the RNC stopped a man well over the edge just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon.
Wabush Steelworkers' Union Losing Retiree Benefits
The Steelworkers' Union in Wabush has been informed that, as of June 1st, their retiree medical benefits and the $12,500 retiree life insurance benefit will be terminated due to Cliffs' creditor protection filing.
Marine Atlantic to Purchase Blue Puttees and Highlanders with $375M
The money will be used to purchase the Blue Puttees and the Highlanders.
Virginia Plaza Building to House Apartments, not Condos
Councillor Tom Hann who found out about the adjustment second-hand, says he's disappointed the developer failed to contact the city.
Marina Cruise Ship Stops in St. John's
It's a beautiful day for a cruise and an even nicer one for a cruise ship. 1,250 passengers and 780 crew members of the cruise ship Marina came to St. John's today to take in the sights.
Astaldi Picks up Cost of Scrapped Muskrat Dome
As the main contractor, government says Astaldi will pick up the cost of the half-complete dome.
Case of Owner of Condemned Dog Set Over To July
A man accused of failing to tether his dog and allowing his animal to cause a hazard was called to court today.
NAPE says LPN Recruitment and Retention 'Not Good Enough'
President Jerry Earle says it started with adult basic education and group homes, then food services and security at the Health Sciences, and now they've turned to long-term care.
Government Won't Intervene with Fracking Review
Some 14 groups have come together looking to government to provide a more balanced and democratic process, wanting province wide consultations and more representation on the review panel.
Government Considering Industrial Inquiry into IOC
The NDP has joined the call for an industrial inquiry into working conditions at the Iron Ore Company of Canada in Labrador City -- and the Premier says it is an option.
Election Bylaw Makes St. John's Municipal Candidates Accountable for Spending
The election finance bylaw states that all candidates in an election, including those not elected, must report how much they spend. Previously, candidates were only required to declare what had been received through donations.
Government Open to Lowering Age Limit for Hunting
Chris Mitchelmore says the province has the strictest age limitations in the country. He argues government regulations are deterring young people from participating.
Teacher from Central Pits Herself Against Iron Man Challenge
As a teacher in central Newfoundland sets off to follow another one of her dreams - she's hoping students might set one for themselves, too.
Bull Arm Workers Leave Site Again Over Bomb Threat Concerns
One worker says they were ordered back to work without being satisfied that the work site had been checked for bombs by police.
Crayola Celebrates Colourful St. John's
Crayola's Facebook page recently featured a picture of some brightly-coloured downtown row houses, as part of its celebration of the #ColoursofCanada.
St. John's Eyes $5 Million Automated Garbage Upgrade
St. John's is looking to follow in the footsteps of Mount Pearl, and other Atlantic Canadian cities through the use of large trollies at each residence and modified garbage trucks.
NL at Risk of Lawsuits Should Province Proceed with Fracking
Marilyn Reid with Citizens Against CETA spoke at a coalition meeting yesterday involving 14 groups fighting for balanced, democratic fracking consultations throughout the province.
Visit in St. John's from Netherlands Monarchs
The King and Queen of the Netherlands will be making a brief stopover in St. John's.
May 25 , 2015
Corvette Caught on Camera Doing Donuts on Kenmount Road
Several different videos have been posted online showing a red corvette exiting the parking lot of A&W on Kenmount Road, and spinning several times on the busy roadway.
Cause of Death Uncertain in Glovertown Fatality
Glovertown RCMP Sgt. Larry Turner says just after daylight yesterday morning a man was found dead near his overturned ATV, however, it doesn't appear the machine struck anything.
King and Queen of the Netherlands Visiting St. John's
Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander will be touching down in St. John's before flying overseas.
Representatives from 14 Groups Demand Balanced Fracking Consultations
The NL Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel consists of five men, with consultations solely slated for the west coast - in Stephenville and Corner Brook. As it currently stands, the coalition says three of the five panelists have publicly stated that they are in favour of fracking.
APEC Reports Low Oil and Iron Prices Mean Continued Slow Development
Spending in the Maritime provinces are up slightly, but down 9 per cent in this province. Weaker oil prices and the peak of activity at Hebron in 2014 are the reason for the decreases.
Police Investigate Possible Break in at Newtown Elementary
RNC and the K-9 Unit were on the scene in Mount Pearl this morning as they investigated a possible break and enter at Newtown Elementary on Jackman Drive.
RNC Investigating Accident on Outer Ring Road
RNC say a gray GMC pickup was struck from behind by a gray Honda Civic in the eastbound lane between the Topsail Road and Thorburn Road exits.
Town of Badger Pitches in for Family after House Fire
When the Badger Volunteer Fire Department was called Saturday to a home on Sunset Drive in Badger, they arrived to a house fully engulfed, with flames already shooting from the roof.
High Speed Drivers Keep RCMP Busy
Constable Mark McDonald says despite repeated warnings, some people refuse to obey posted speed limits and are getting big fines.
Council of Canadians says MPRs Just the Tip of CETA Iceberg
Some of CETA's less publicized provisions will cost Newfoundland and Labrador millions of dollars a year, according to Ken Kavanagh of the Council of Canadians.
You Don't Have to be Driving to Get Charged with Impaired
The RNC say a novice driver was pulled over during a routine traffic stop near the Lab City Trailer Court Saturday morning when police learned the accompanying licensed driver was drunk.
Timeline for Solid Waste Management Extended Another 5 Years
A province-wide network of transfer stations and waste recovery facilities should be ready by 2020, but the full-scale organic waste management program has now been extended to 2025 due to fiscal restraint.
New Guinness Record for Painting of St. John's Row Houses Australia
Over the weekend, Adelaide Australia-based company Jellybeanstreet set a new world record for a painting featuring a St. John's style jellybean row house scene.
Yacht Docked in St. John's One of the Most Expensive in the World
The Kamalaya, a luxury yacht docked at St. John's Harbour is set to leave the harbour today or tomorrow.
Crews Hike to Signal Hill Brush Fire
It was a steep climb for fire crews when attempting to reach a brush fire in St. John's.
Suspected Impaired Driving Accident Not What it Seemed
Police responded just after 10:30 last night to a call about a driver who had collided with several vehicles in the Leslie Street area of St. John's.
City Hybrids Perform Well But Council Wants More Info
The city of St. John's says it doesn't have enough data to adequately compare the cost effectiveness of hybrid vehicles.
Council to Vote on Rezoning for Largest Tim Hortons Drive-Thru in City
Council in St. John's will vote tonight to decide whether to rezone an area of Blackmarsh Road to make way for a commercial development featuring the largest Tim Hortons drive-thru in the city.
Cleary Says Fisheries Minister Playing Politics with Halibut Quotas
NDP MP Ryan Cleary says for Gail Shea to take this quota from west coast fisherman on the eve of an election to give to her own riding is ridiculous.

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