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Lessons To Be Learned From Birthday Card Bandit
Apr 27 , 2015
Category: NFLD

Thanks to social media, a 39 year old father who allegedly stole a bunch of birthday cards during a child’s birthday party forever will be known as the Birthday Card Bandit or the Party Pooper.

While the headlines are humorous, the repercussions are far from funny.

I would even venture to say that stealing a few birthday cards would even be more damaging than stealing the entire wishing well at a wedding.

Sure the denominations are most likely larger in a wedding card, but what he allegedly stole at the birthday party was far more valuable: innocence.

For example, carefree fun will no longer be the focal point of future parties because birthday boys and girls will most likely  worry “will one of the parents steal my gifts?”

  As well, it forces parents, like the victim's mom Christa,to have to soften the blow by coming up with a kid-friendly excuse for the perpetrator’s action:

Not to mention, the child of the accused will forever be known as the daughter of “The Birthday Card Bandit” and consequently will feel the hovering dark cloud of suspicion following her from party to party… from class to class…

I believe the onus is now on the Birthday Card Bandit to lower his bandana and,  if he is truly remorseful, write an open letter of apology to children everywhere; the lesson that good people can make bad choices might just be the most valuable birthday gift a child could receive.

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Comments (total comments:4)
Betty :

i am so glad there were cameras there. what a jerk.so glad he got caught.

Posted: 4/29/2015 9:26:09 AM
Al :

i sure hope that his daughters friends will continue to invite her to birthday parties.no child should ever have to pay for the actions of their parents.and i can''t believe how far birthday parties have come in recent years.wowzers,what ever happened to sitting around the kitchen table with sandwich''s cupcakes and a glass of syrup?birthdays have become a really big deal these days.gosh back in the day when i went to a birthday party some kids couldn''t even afford to give a card,let alone put money in one.we had no worries about anyone stealing our birthday cards for sure.once when i was a kid i attended a birthday party and got chased by the family dog and was forced to play spin the bottle.after that i would always hide party invitations and pretend that i did not get invited.anyways i hope everything turns out well for the children involved there,and i guess we have all been traumatized in one form or another when we were kids.

Posted: 4/28/2015 11:28:42 PM
Sharon :

it is obvious this father didn''t think of the repercussion this would have on his family. his child will now most likely not be invited to other parties and possible picked on at school because of what he did. this is not the child''s fault.

Posted: 4/28/2015 12:22:42 PM
Daphne :

well written, claudette! hopefully that father now realizes the tremendous repercussions of his despicable action. unfortunately, it just might follow his daughter around for years to come. regarding posting the video, in this particular instance, i think maybe it should have been for the eyes of the rnc and not the public, considering that little children were involved. everyone was put in a precarious situation - the daughter of the culprit, mom having to lie to her son to soften the blow, and the sadness and shock of the little boy over his birthday cards being stolen. it was indeed a sad event.

Posted: 4/28/2015 10:08:27 AM

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