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What Do You Think of "Pathetic In Pink?"
Jan 21 , 2015
Category: NFLD

                                    I actually dislike little girls with princess wands and blonde hair.       I react to them the same way I do when I turn over a log or a stone and find creepy albino bugs wriggling around underneath.

~Robin McGrath~



The "Pathetic in Pink" article in The Northeast Avalon Times by columnist Robin McGrath has caused quite the uproar in social media. I choose to believe that her opinion about her disdain for little blonde girls in pink princess outfits is merely an attempt at satire and not a blatant show of lookism.


McGrath argues that “pink sends the wrong message to small girls” and that “it suggests that life will be soft, clean, privileged and safe.” Sure, many may argue that parents who buy "pink princess outfits and fairy wings” are feeding into the gender based stereotype… …But let’s get real. Is there a parent out there who can really force a four year old girl to wear ANYTHING? Now that’s what I would call a revered anomaly.


I have a little cousin whose eyes lit up just as brightly as spending the day scooping up sand and mud at the beach as they did when she was transformed into a princess in Disney World’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique ….So I have no doubt that her inner tomboy will temper her privileged princess tendencies and she’ll grow up to be a beautifully balanced woman….


Does Robin McGrath really have hate in her heart for little blonde girls whose dads call them “princess”?  I’d like to think “No”. It’s quite plausible that somehow somewhere, some little blonde princess did her wrong in her younger years and now all little girls who proudly show off their femininity are flawed and at fault.


Then again, maybe not. Maybe her entire wayward viewpoint was a ruse to

put her byline on the front page of our minds…If so, perhaps “Pathetic In INK” would be a more suitable title.


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Comments (total comments:6)
Jj :

good job claudette ....
think robin has a problem...maybe little girls in pink got more attention than she did! ...just saying.

Posted: 1/26/2015 10:41:07 AM
Joey :

who cares?

let''s talk about something important.

Posted: 1/22/2015 1:02:27 PM
Steve :

pure garbage.... she needs help...

Posted: 1/22/2015 12:52:07 PM
Canadafirstaid :

freedom of the press and freedom to express one''s thoughts is one reason why past wars were fought. r. mcgrath did state her mindset on a given topic. thankfully, most disagree with her on this latest subject and i''ll bet both her editor and ms. mcgrath will ''lighten up'' and double check more then just their english grammar and spelling before the next edition. cfa

p.s. now anyone say ''charlie hebdo'' without using a french accent?

Posted: 1/22/2015 8:50:20 AM
Al :

i think that robin mcgrath really loves all children the way we all do.however her feelings toward the way that some parents create a princess mentality in their daughters may have caused her to exaggerate the legitimate point in which she was trying to make.this reminds me of the time during a gathering when i announced that i refused to believe in the concept of royalty.after a stern lecture i quickly learned that some folks are quite impressed by royalty.personally i have always allowed my children the freedom to dress-up and wear the colors they wanted just as long as they respected the choice''s of others.i think what mcgrath was trying to get at in her article was the fact that she believes in equality.and that all young girls are pretty and beautiful despite the color of their clothing hair or skin.i am sure that robin mcgrath doesn''t need me to stand up for her.however i just feel that she was taken somewhat out of context due to her satirical style of writing.

Posted: 1/21/2015 6:58:28 PM
Daphne :

i was taken aback by some of robin''s comments - especially coming from a female. will her next editorial target little boys with their violent video games, etc., and stereotyping them as little punks who''ll end up with ugly tattoos, wearing butt-showing pants, carrying guns, etc.?? what surprises me more is that the article actually appeared in print in a newspaper. what we need is more understanding and compassion, not make children feel different or out of place. shame on robin mcgrath!!

Posted: 1/21/2015 3:14:39 PM

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