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Wanted: Jiggs Dinner. Serious Enquiries Only
May 25 , 2015
Category: NFLD




While this ad is humorous, I think we can all relate to it. It’s funny how certain foods can temporarily satiate our desire to be closer to home or to the ones we love. For me, it’s a western sandwich, a homemade raspberry turnover and a fruit cup. As I write this, I can feel a smile form on my lips and tiny tears well up in my eyes. 


From time to time during my childhood years, I would walk up to my grandmother’s house, wait for her to open her window and hand me my lunch before I went to school.  Along with its deliciousness, I appreciated the gesture; she thought of everything: cutlery, a napkin, a juice box, a clear plastic bag to go over the brown paper bag in case it should rain and a green garbage twist tie to hold the contents together should my clumsy disposition cause me to fall…how endearing! I wasn’t just bringing my lunch to school... I was taking her love & thoughtfulness along for the entire day. 


Of course you can imagine that in my over 40 years on earth there are many foods that double as a time machine and can evoke feelings of nostalgia. For instance, many people  might cringe at the thought of biting into a piece of leftover ice cold salt beef…but for me, it brings me back to ice fishing with my grandfather; it was one of our most savored & treasured treats.


So... What seemingly ordinary food item brings you back to a happier time or place?


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Comments (total comments:6)
Eric :

my mother''s layer cake with jam in between, my father''s ginger bread baked while he cooked sunday supper when mother and i were in sunday school, doughboys and boiled lassy, and my mother''s lassy buns just out of the oven with a generous helping of margarine (we called it butter), homemade bread just out of the oven with butter and molasses, one could just go on and on. life was simple but ''some good i tell ya''.

Posted: 5/29/2015 7:19:00 AM
Karen :

all these comments are true.i live in ontario but i was born and raised in nl there is no place like nl.we are the best

Posted: 5/27/2015 1:19:12 PM
Bonnie :

my favorite meals at home when going to school 8 of us and every day there would be something different . baked beans and homemade bread, boiled beans with salt meat, corned beef hash , fish and brewis. and always homemade bread and molasses . some days a big pan of date crumbles or a big cake with a vanilla or butterscotch sauce . those were the days

Posted: 5/26/2015 9:31:29 PM
Sharon :

when we would visit my nan, aunt and uncle"around the bay" my aunt would have a supply of caramel pastries made and kept in her pantry. after we would say our hellos we would make for the pantry. for those who don''t know caramel pastries are made from boiling a can of sweetened milk until it became caramel. i now make these pastries for my family but they don''t have the same taste, they are not made with my aunt''s love.

Posted: 5/26/2015 7:04:36 PM
Daphne :

there are several nostalgic foods that bring me back, waaaay back, in time. one of them is, like you, the cold leftover salt beef. then there''s the bologna frying for dinner (now called lunch) on monday to have with sunday''s left-over supper potato salad because grandmother was doing the monday morning wash with the wringer-washer (which took most of the morning to do, hence no time to cook a meal). best, though, was the bread baking. not to forget grandmother''s baked beans (best in the world), left over heated in the frying pan with just a sprinkle of sugar (for my grandfather and me only). oh and her fishcakes! i never could get them like hers. i think the best was the christmas morning turkey, while i''d be watching some great movie (lassie, heidi, etc.)on tv (back then movies were a rarity and everyone looked forward to them around christmas time). now i''m hungry!! thanks, claudette!!

Posted: 5/26/2015 8:47:44 AM
Canadafirstaid :

ah, by''s some good. couldn''t wait to get home from the mainland or ''up along'' as da skipper would call it. dad''d cook up a few lbs. of cod tongues and heads and sit across from me, then offer to make more after i had a 2nd. plate.

miss you pop and that scoff!! cfa

Posted: 5/26/2015 8:31:16 AM

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