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NFL Hires Female Advisors
Sep 16 , 2014
Category: lifestyle

My initial reaction to finding out that the NFL  hired female advisors to help them manage matters and develop policies regarding domestic violence and sexual assaults was one of incredulity.


While The National Organization For Women called it “a step in the right direction”, I believe it to be lip service out of the mouth of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in light of his initial decision to give NFL player Ray Rice a simple slap on the wrist for assaulting his then fiancée.


According to VOCM News, during a recent roundtable discussion to kick off Sexual Violence Awareness Week in our province, the Coalition Against Violence Executive Director Connie Pike said “ “there is too much emphasis placed on teaching women how to avoid being raped, rather than teaching men how not to rape”.


The fact that there is a need to teach people how not to do something that should be as unnatural to them as breathing underwater shows that we can’t stand idly by for paperwork to become policy.


If they truly care about the welfare of the partners of NFL Players….


If they truly care about the impressionable little boys who will grow up watching these players as role models.....


then they need to immediately implement a Word of Mouth ZERO Tolerance Policy of Abuse: lay a hand on anything other than a football and you’re out (Surely there’s a legal clause out there somewhere with similar meaning).


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Comments (total comments:2)
Daphne :

i agree with brandl''s comments re the celebrities who still get the fan support they don''t deserve and should be stripped of. ban them from playing/performing - blacklist them! the justice system needs to send a message to each and every person - domestic violence is unacceptable, will not be tolerated in our society, and will be duly punished. no person should be forgiven for domestic violence - punishment is in order to send the right message.

Posted: 9/17/2014 1:50:50 PM
Bradl :

it is way too common amongst athletes and celebrities, and they should feel a much bigger penalty than they do, not just from their publicists, commissioners, etc, but from the public and their fans! we the people do have that kind of power.
when chris brown, an obvious woman beater and with a well documented history of violence against women, still has a huge fan-base and has great record sales, gets awarded multiple grammys, it really turns my stomach.
don''t buy chris brown''s albums. don''t watch ray rice''s games. floyd mayweather jr. has been charged with domestic abuse, battery, and harassment. why do we still buy tickets and watch his matches on ppv? these people don''t deserve our money or our admiration until they can prove to the public they''ve reformed. we''re way too quick to excuse and too forgiving to famous people who simply do not deserve it.

Posted: 9/16/2014 1:43:23 PM

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