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Newfoundlander Finds Success Between The Pages of Playboy
Aug 19 , 2014
Category: Entertainment

“A successful (wo)man is one who can lay a firm foundation

with the bricks others have thrown at him(her).”

~David Brinkley~

Yesterday’s Question of the Day What do you think of Newfoundlander Stephanie Branton's appearance on the cover of Playboy? garnered almost three thousand votes and scores of comments about her decision to pose in the upcoming September issue; 49% of respondents supported it, 9% chose “I do not like it” and 43% were apathetic.


Although I respect many opinions, I disagree with those who believe Stephanie's decision is a sign of self-disrespect...To the optimist it shows discipline & confidence.


Then there are those who shoot down her viewpoint that a Playboy Cover Pic equates success. I believe people strive for their own version of success that may change many times over the course of a lifetime. Currently, as a young confident model in her early twenties, it seems it’s a natural progression for her.


Furthermore, I disagree with respondent Barbara's take that "A lot of the ladies on this forum are just a little jealous....a little sour grapes maybe????


 Women who can’t pose nude for whatever reason are not necessarily jealous of women like Stephanie who can. Knowing that my nephews could one day see their Auntie in a whole new exposed light is just one of the many reasons why it would never be on my radar. Although, never say never, right?


Perhaps I would pose for Playboy…If they would feature an average- looking middle -aged woman poking her head out from behind a strategically placed armoire.


Would you pose for Playboy? Do you judge those like Stephanie who do?



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Comments (total comments:2)
Canadafirstaid :

live and let live with self-respect and respect of others. being non-judgemental and yada, yada, yada - b''ys oh b''ys she''s some beaut!! but can she cook?? cfa

p.s. besides, the pic(s) speak for themselves . . .

Posted: 8/20/2014 8:00:52 AM
Al :

i think that playboy would be delighted to feature you in their magazine.however you make a good point about the situation with your nephews seeing the pics and so on.i certainly don''t judge anyone for posing in enjoy looking at naked ladies and that''s all there is to it.i know some guys who pretend not to,but hey,it''s just do we think playboy made billions?oh that''s right i forgot,it''s all about the articles.

Posted: 8/19/2014 9:08:28 PM

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