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The Night The Lights Went Out On George Street: A Tribute To Ron Hynes
Nov 20 , 2015
Category: lifestyle

On George Street East, long before sunrise, amid the threat of rain, a solitary candle glowed fearlessly at the foot of the 12 foot high bronze sculpture “A Time”, created by artist Morgan MacDonald. Although it featured other treasured members of the arts community, like comedian Tommy Sexton, the candle burned so stoically in remembrance of the legendary singer/songwriter Ron Hynes.


As the hours strummed by, I watched fans briefly visit the statue, including a solitary man who walked purposefully toward it, laid down a yellow Gerber-daisy, turned around, then briskly disappeared down Water Street.


I chatted with a couple who recounted the times that they would bring their granddaughter to the statue and play air guitar with the bronze Ron. Before the gentleman walked away, he stood up on the base of the statue and placed his arm in the crook of Ron’s and fleetingly grasped his hand. Fans for over 40 years, they said life will never be the same; they were in disbelief.


Although Ron had been publicly battling a serious illness for quite some time, a local musician who stopped by the statue to honor his memory was taken aback when news broke of his passing.





A colleague of mine astutely pointed out that the lights literally went out on George Street last night…Guess it was the music community's way of saying “Good Night, Ron”.



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Comments (total comments:2)
Al :

i was a ron hynes fan from the first time that i saw the wonderful grand band.he was a newfoundland treasure.all of ron''s songs were real,and told a meaningful story that so many of us could identify with.river of no return is one of my favorites.this province has lost one of it''s most talented artists for far as i know the wonderful grand band gave cbc tv the stations highest ratings of any local programs to this day.everyone who has ever heard ron hynes perform sonny''s dream,simply had to be a fan from that point on.

Posted: 11/23/2015 9:44:16 PM
Daphne :

we''ve lost one of canada''s best and most talented songwriter/singer/guitarist. he has left such a legacy, it can''t be matched, not in our lifetime. ron will be missed by so many, and mourned for a long time to come. i''ve been his no. 1 fan for several decades and will continue to be. matching his songwriting ability will be next to impossible. he loved nl and showed it through his music - right down to a little dog lost, the murder of dear little dana bradley, not to mention the ocean ranger tragedy. rest in peace, dear ron! god bless! and thanks for the memories!!

Posted: 11/20/2015 1:17:34 PM

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