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...Sorry, I Couldn't Resist This Topic!
Sep 30 , 2014
Category: lifestyle


 I came across the following ad by Pantene, a hair care company, that raises the question “why are women always apologizing?”:



It sparked several moments of self-reflection.

As a child, I never liked to say it, especially to my parents. Oftentimes, no matter the circumstance, the conversation went something like this:


“Say you’re Sorry”, my Dad commanded.

Insert Inaudible Grunt.

I didn’t hear you,” he said.

“sor-REEE,” I spewed as if the word itself tasted like tar.

“Say it like you mean it.”

“Sorry Daddy,” I said in a convincing tone, while crossing my fingers behind my back.


The main motivation behind my apology was to shorten my grounding sentence.

But as an adult, on several occasions, I found that the driving force behind the apology was to avoid negative energy… even if I wasn’t the person at fault!

Interestingly enough, research from the University of Waterloo in Ontario shows a divide between the sexes in the circumstances surrounding saying I’m Sorry:


·        Although men are just as willing as women to apologize, they had a higher threshold for what they felt they needed to apologize for. They would apologize less frequently than women for doing things such as inconveniencing someone they live with or being rude to a friend.


·        Women, more often than men, tend to apologize out of a desire to seem likeable.



I think it's about time we change our sorrier status...don't you?


Do you find yourself apologizing too often? If so, why?










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Comments (total comments:1)
Canadafirstaid :

yeah, but do you really, really mean it - when you say '' i am sorry ''. i''m just saying - men say s o r r y, because they take the sweet time and really, really mean it. meanwhile, i bet my last buck ladies may (i''m just saying) be not as sincere when they do say s o r r y!! cfa

p.s. just look at the pic in the video. she does not look that sorry. guys do it (the sorry bit) better!! and i''m sorry (lol)

Posted: 9/30/2014 2:46:34 PM

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