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Birthday Blahs...How To Avert A Mid-Life Crisis
Oct 22 , 2014
Category: lifestyle

Well, it’s finally here. The “Welcome to Your Forties” mat rolled out in front of me this week and I’m resisting the urge to stomp all over it. On the eve of my fortieth birthday I found my distraught self googling “Mid-Life Crisis” and mentally checking off all of the signs…well, except the whole buying- a -shiny- red -sports car- thing; if you can’t drive it through mud, then to me, it has already lost its shine.


Some psychologists believe that the whole notion of having such a crisis in your forties is a myth and that it is just as likely to happen in your twenties or sixties, depending on what life challenges may arise. But for me, it’s more real than the frown line  that now has squatter’s rights between my brows.


Perhaps “crisis” is too strong of a word…In fact, it’s more of a transition and depending on how I look at it, I can reap its rewards. Cognitively speaking, there is nothing wrong with taking stock of your life and its trajectory. In fact, it just might help me find the fun & fabulous in forty. Who knows? My newly founded “Now or Never’ mentality just might give me that push to foster old interests or pursue new dreams.


Above all, I hope to benefit from the lessons this new decade will teach me well before the next one invites me in.  I am told, for instance, that I’ll learn to "care less about what others think about me” and according to an op-ed writer for the New York Times, I’ll realize that “everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently.”


Now…If only I could stop waiters from calling me Ma'am!



Did you have a mid-life crisis or transition? What did you do? What have you learned?


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