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Who is Pulling Parliamentary Strings?
Mar 23 , 2015
Category: NFLD

As I listened to Scott Andrews address  the media concerning his decision to remove himself from the Liberal Caucus in light of harassment allegations, I wondered to myself whose words were they? Did he truly mean every word?  Then those thoughts were interrupted by flashes of the political drama “House Of Cards” as if to remind me that the truth is there but it’s overshadowed by the political spin.


I don’t blame him for that. His strings are attached to a Powerful Puppeteer- Fear. Fear is controlling his words. It’s controlling his actions and subsequently his reputation.


I believe him when he says that he has learned a lot about himself. And if he can learn from it, I commend him for it.


But in the same breath he downplays his involvement by insinuating that his “jovial Newfoundland Friendliness” could have been misperceived.


Perhaps that’s when FEAR pulled his strings to protect his wife’s heart from further damage?


It’s unfortunate that the public is not privy to the findings of the Executive Summary. Now we are left with an imagination that, through the Ghomeshi and Cosby Scandals, knows no boundaries.


It doesn’t have to be that way. My perception of the Dalhousie Dentistry Students who were involved in the Facebook scandal has changed in their favour in light of their participation in restorative justice.



I hope the parties involved, including Mr. Andrews, in time, will heal; all he needs is a pair of scissors to cut himself loose from FEAR. 



 Are YOU satisfied with not knowing the results of the Executive Summary? 


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Comments (total comments:3)
Connie :

yes i am satisfied it''s not our business . he has not been charged with any wrong doing . whether he runs again or wins in any election is up to the people who will vote for him. people need to be more forgiving . unless he''s charged for wrong doing it''s not of our business and i wish him well in his life . by the way i don''t know this man and not in his district so i wouldn''t be able to vote for him anyway . most times media keeps things going and blows it way our of proportion . thanks for letting me rant

Posted: 3/26/2015 3:56:40 PM
Daphne :

this is a very tricky situation. scott didn''t deny guilt. alleged victims didn''t press charges. the executive summary hasn''t been released to the public. all of this leaves us, the public, knowing nothing. accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty - scott didn''t deny guilt, which leaves us to believe that he is not innocent. i think he should just quietly go away, leave politics, and let this horrible situation drift into oblivion, if it can. however, this ends, i believe that he has learned a very valuable lesson - and hopefully others in a similar political situation, or any business, will take heed.

Posted: 3/26/2015 10:52:23 AM
Joey :

it isn''t going to matter, is it? he''s not going to be re-elected, because people have lost faith in him. and hopefully if his actions were bad enough, the people involved would have pursued criminal charges.

Posted: 3/25/2015 10:46:22 AM

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