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50 Shades of Bay Girl
May 31 , 2012
Category: lifestyle

DISCLAIMER: The following blog is not meant for young eyes:


He took her suddenly. It was unlike anything she had ever felt. "aw b'y," she said. "Hang on 'til I gets me track pants off"

~@Mark Critch #50shadesofBay on Twitter

I come from a world where...

...collars were for dogs.
...plastic cable ties were for luggage.
...and where whipping always involved a whisk and a bowl.

Somewhat sheltered? (Insert blushing face here)

Enter Fifty Shades Of Grey, the most talked about erotic fiction trilogy by British Author E.L. James.

She leaves nothing for the imagination. Absolutely NOTHING.

If she were my health teacher back in the day, I wouldn’t have wondered for several years later where babies come from:

 “...the sperm and the egg unite..,” said the teacher in a muffled monotone voice.

“But how? Does the sperm use a pole vault or  is there a springboard that I don’t know about?", thought the young naïve school girl from around the Bay.

I wish I could say that my naiveté didn’t carry through to present day. But,like Anastasia's Inner Goddess in the book, it took on quite the personality of her own during my recent interview with a sexual health store employee:

Blogette:How would you describe the lifestyle in the book?




Blogette: DGSM?

Employee: B as in BOB. D as in DAVID. S as in STEVE. M as in MARK.
(My Naiveté then put her hand over her mouth to stifle a girlish giggle)

In my defense,two out of four letters aren't that bad.

Yes the book is graphic. Yes people will be offended….but Oh Yes!  it is a fun read!  E.L. James has created a much needed sexual awakening across the globe.

On the VOCM Good Morning Show on Friday, June 1st, we’ll chat with a local sexual health store employee who talks about how the book has impacted couple’s curiosities and on Monday morning we’ll chat with a local married woman who is crediting the book to adding more spice to her 20 year marriage.

So should sex remain on the taboo topic list? What are your thoughts of 50 Shades of Grey?

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Comments (total comments:1)
Dean :

sex should never be on the taboo list....due to the popularity of the book and all of it''s sexual taboo''s...maybe blogette will want to explore her real alter ego and start a new blog as "sexette".
i''m sure some titillating/erotic tales of true stories will make the sheltered bay girl blush crimson.

Posted: 6/5/2012 4:33:41 PM

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Claudette Barnes
BLOGETTE is Claudette Barnes' on-line alter ego.


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